My New Face Towel Courtesy of the NFL

Check out my new pink face towel!

It was the last thing I was expecting to be given as I wandered into Candlestick Park on Sunday night to watch a San Francisco 49ers football game. But everyone was taking one, even the men, and since when do I say no to people handing out free stuff?
A lot of fans stuck their towels into their jean pockets but not me. I put mine across my knees, old lady style, to keep warm. I'm that stylish.

After walking round the city all day my knackered legs were quite excited about the prospect of sitting down for a few hours while my husband got his sports fix. 

But the 49ers had other ideas. They were on a winning streak and when everyone around you is clapping, cheering and high-fiving it doesn't look great if you're sitting down with a slightly bored expression. You start to look suspicious. Like you might even be supporting the opposition. So, to counteract that, you want to join in with the masses.

And that means whipping your pink towel from your knees and waving it in the air!
Well I never. It certainly doesn't happen at sporting events in the UK. But it seems that waving a face towel over your head is a clear sign of showing support for your team here in the US.

He's just mad cos he didn't grab a free towel!