Sunday Style - TV Room

Here it is again - Sunday. 

And with it the perfect opportunity to be a couch potato. As well all know, the number one past time of a couch potato is watching television. 

As a long-time couch potato myself I recognise the importance of the perfect TV-watching environment. After many hours of scouring the interweb I think I may just have stumbled upon it! May I present to you Marcela Recondo's Oslo TV room. 

                                                                                                 All photos via 

On first impressions it looks asthough this room might not fit the bill. But, it you look a bit closer, you'll see a sofa long enough to lie down on, plenty of cushions to prop your head up on, not one but two cosy blankets to curl up under and a carefully positioned coffee table to rest your remote, drink and chocolate on. That, to me, is absolute perfection!


  1. Perfection indeed! Love this room!! And this fall weather has me craving some cozy couch potato time! ;) Thanks for stopping by today. Look forward to following along over here. I'm all for cozy.

  2. I know exactly what you mean - London was very stormy today so it was ideal for staying in, keeping cosy and having some quality time with my couch!!

  3. It does look like the perfect tv room! I love how soft and pretty it looks. And definitely comfy too!

  4. I really need a chevron grey cushion like that one above in my life - amazing!

    1. I know! They are really in vogue at the moment - I've seen lots and lots to choose from on Etsy.