Sunday Style - Floral Bedlinen

How fitting that I should still be in bed as I type this post out! There's nothing like a lazy Sunday morning in bed, it has to be said.

And when that bed is 'sprinkled' with flowers, all the better! Not that mine is, come to think of it. But after browsing through the photos below the temptation for some floral bedding of my own is definitely increasing.

When I picture florals in my head I often associate them with a house in the country but this bedroom shows it can work well in a more urban-looking interior. And I'm almost certain the bedspread is from Cath Kidston.
There's something very welcoming and inviting about the over-sized floral print below. Especially when paired with those jumbo cushions. I'm fairly convinced if this was my bed I wouldn't stand much chance of getting out until 4pm today. If at all!
Now here's a floral I've never come across before. Usually the background is white or a very pale colour. I don't think I've ever seen flowers printed onto a purpley-grey fabric. There is literally something for everyone out there.
If you were more inclined to go for a retro vibe then the almost day-glo, 70s duvet cover below could be the one for you. And, after last week's post featuring handbags as wall decoration, we have to make a special mention about the tea-cups as artwork. Looks to me like this vintage china hails from the 1970s too.
To finish off I've gone for full-blown floral! Both the wallpaper and the bedding are festooned with rose buds. So, whichever way you turn, you'll wake up thinking you're in a meadow. There's even a little vase of flowers beside the bed so the fragrance of flowers fills the room.
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  1. Pretty floral linens. Liking the room with the purple floral duvet. Such a beautiful riot of colours.

    1. The purple is so unique! And pairing it with turquoize furniture is very sumptuous. x

  2. Definitely Cath Kidston. In my opinion. I love her prints. I never knew I loved florals as much as I apparently do until I came into contact with her line in Selfridge's a few years ago. I would kill for a room like the first one. xo

  3. I'm a big Cath Kidston fan too, Erin. If I ever get the new bed I've been longing for I may just treat myself to some of her patterned bedding. x