Sunday Style - Cosy Attic Rooms

New York may be known for its sprawling loft spaces but, here in Britain, we are lucky enough to have more than our fair share of cosy attic rooms. Unfortunately, I can't count myself among those homeowners whose house features a cute cubby hole like the one below. But, hey, a girl can dream!
Long gone are the days when attics were simply a dumping ground for unloved junk. People up and down the country are converting these versatile spaces into sweet, airy bedrooms, home-offices and dressing-rooms.
There's something about the signature sloping ceilings in attics which really appeals to me - they instantly bring to mind parallels with cosy, inviting dens. And if you throw into the mix some gorgeous wooden beams then I'm in seventh heaven! Just like the cat!
But my favourite feature of attic rooms has to be the skylights. Making way for daylight to come flooding in, skylights have the power to transform attics from dark and dusty no-go areas into the most desirable room in the house. I mean, tell me you wouldn't bite my arm off for the opportunity to have this as your attic room view!?
And one company that has long been synonymous with skylights and roof windows is VELUX®. Offering a wide range of products from blackout blinds to solar powered window operators, when it comes to attic windows, the VELUX webshop has it covered.
For those of you out there sitting snugly in your sweet, little, converted attic room, all I can say it that I am well and truly green with envy. Enjoy your Sunday!

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