Meantime Brewery

I don't like beer. Never have, probably never will. 

So people may be slightly surprised to hear that I spent my Saturday afternoon in a brewery. 

Being the good friend that I am I toured the Meantime Brewery in Greenwich as part of some birthday celebrations.
Let me break down the plus points for you;

Reason to tour a brewery if you DO like beer?  
There's a LOT of free beer on offer.

Reason to tour a brewery if you DON'T like beer? 
As Tony Blair once famously uttered - education, education, education!

Over the course of 2 hours I had ample time to soak up the facts and figures being thrown my way. As the other members of my group grew steadily more tipsy (and burpy!) I remained sober as a judge, eagerly learning about the historical origins of beer and being regaled with lots of crazy, beer-related happennings that have occured over the centuries.
We also covered the ins and outs of the brewing process by tasting some ingredients....
....and peering down giant metal vats. (Ok, I'll admit there is a bit more to it than just that!)
There are rhymes and reasons for the different types of bottles used in the packaging process, people!
But they all result in a very pretty end product.
While our tour ended with some happy faces when we filed into the bar for yet more free beer samples. And I'm smiling cos I just got a little smarter!!


  1. Don't feel badly, I don't like beer either! The closest I'll get is a cider or a raspberry lambic, and only because those taste like juice :) But I did visit a lambic brewery in Brussels last year and was fascinated by the whole process. Good on you for getting out and having a learning experience AND getting some free booze in the process, haha. xo

    1. I'm with you - cider I can totally handle!

      Never tried, or even heard, of lambic but I'm very much liking the sound of raspberry being involved. Thanks for the tip x

    2. If you can find it, Lindeman's Framboise is the first thing I'd recommend. You'll love it! xo

    3. Excellent tip - I'll keep my eyes peeled!! x

  2. I'm not a beer person either (except for hard cider beer) but I always thought going to a brewery would be a lot of fun!

    1. Our tour guide was really humourous which definitely helped make it a fun afternoon. But the Champagne region of France is where I really need to visit - that is somewhere I would have a LOT of fun!! x