Marks & Spencer - Autumn Ad Campaign

Two posts about M&S in one week may seem slightly excessive (I promise you I don't have shares in the company!) but this ad campaign warranted it!
Why, you may ask? Well, for one, it features Britain's 'leading ladies' in their respective fields. There's Oscar-winning Helen Mirren and Olymic Champion boxer Nicola Adams, along with a host of fabulous ladies including Ellie Goulding (singer), Grace Coddington (creative director of US Vogue) and Tracey Emin (Turner prize winning artist).

Another talented woman was behind the camera too - Annie Leibovitz no less!

And when you throw into the mix Marks & Spencer's autumn coat collection and London's Tower Bridge as a backdrop, you've got one spectacular photo! 


  1. I'm patting myself on the back that I was able to recognize as many of these ladies as I did. Helen Mirren, oh my. Can I be her when I grow up? Or Annie Liebowitz, I'm not picky ;)

    And don't laugh too hard, but I totally thought Marks & Spencers was just a grocery store, like Sainsburys. Clearly it's been too long since my last trip over the pond! xo

  2. Oh Erin, Marks & Spencer is so, so much more than a grocery store!! My couch is from M&S, along with the majority of my underwear drawer!

    Perhaps I need to get a third post in this week extolling the many virtues of M&S? He he. xx

  3. Everyone's talking up the M&S coat collection this year! They are cute. Did you see the blue one on The Londoner?

    Gotta love Annie Liebowitz. She's truly amazing :)

    1. Oh yes, that blue coat is very lovely indeed!

      And I completely agree with you about Annie - that woman is an amazing visionary. In fact, one of the best exhibitions I have been to was a retrospective of her photos at the National Portrait Gallery here in London. Gripping realism in some shots and then absolute fantasy in others...she can do it all!!!