It's a Sign!

We had visitors staying this weekend and, while out and about, I found myself looking at my neighbourhood with that old cliche of fresh eyes. Usually, I'm homeward bound and shuffle past shopfronts without a second glance. But when you have out-of-towners who stop and stare frequently you really start to notice things.

Like the fact that the store selling cards has a window-display of hilarious choices.  You can find my personal favourite below.
 Apologies for the poor photo-taking skills -  I was simulatneously trying to eat a brownie and use my camera because this stall happens to be directly opposite the card shop. Nuff said.
 A little further up the street is the Blue Mountain cafe. It's been closed for months so I never give it much thought. But now it appears there is a new sign in the window. Rather that the usual, boring 'Coming Soon' message, this sign made fun of all the rumours circulating. 'Mel has been abducted by aliens', 'How long does it really take for paint to dry?', 'I've heard he's lying somewhere on a Carribean beach.' First time I've seen this kind of sign but I sincerely hope it's not the last.
And, finally, here is what greeted us on Saturday evening when we went out for dinner. A giant sack of peanuts bearing a sign that read 'May Contain Nuts!' 

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