Cosy Cable Knits

I'd like to think I have a few things in common with the glamorous wonder that was Marilyn Monroe. Judging by this photo, one thing we definitely share is an appreciation for cable knit sweaters. Thick, cosy and beautifully textured, these jumpers started off as workwear for fishermen but, over the decades, have filtered into everyday fashion.
While Marilyn does a fantastic job of showcasing the traditional neutral tones associated with cable knitwear, I'm going to bring your attention to some bolder colour choices out there this season.

Kicking off with a hot pink number from Tommy Hilfiger called 'Odette'. A very preppy pattern, as one would expect from Mr Hilfiger, this would be my top pick for a relaxed brunch with friends. I'll have the Eggs Benedict, please.

Next on my list is a berry red design by Mango. Perfectly suited to a walk in the woods where the gorgeous, rich colour would complement the autumnal leaves. Being a city gal, I'll have to settle for a walk in the park!
Finishing things off is Boden's turquoize offering, which has a little nod to the 1980s with this particular cable pattern. I can see myself lounging at home in this one,  much like the model in the photo. Only difference being my arms will probably stay down by my side.
It's been freezing in London over the past two days so knitwear is at the forefront on my mind. I'm really enjoying digging out my winter woolies from the deep recesses of my warbrobe and re-discovering layers. But what I've realised is that I have a cableknit shaped hole (!) in my collection. I spy a shopping trip coming up! Fingers crossed I end up looking at lovely as Ms Monroe.


  1. Oh, give me chunky cable knit sweaters all year round! I have one that belonged to my dad, and it's the perfect shade of dark green and oversize just right. I love big sweaters, and I tend to find that the men's department has a way better selection somehow! xo

    1. One of my favourite sweaters was originally my big bear of a brother's and it's my go-to for when I want to feel snuggly and warm in an instant. Maybe I should start trawling the men's department too! x

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    1. Here, here - we are in complete agreement! x

    2. Here, here - we are in complete agreement! x