Bebaroque - Scottish Designers # 5

Everything that falls under the umbrella of tights/leggings/hoisery is my trusty old pal during the rainy season, which seems to have arrived in London town this week. And, judging by the weather forecast, this rainy spell is sticking around.

So I ask myself, do I want to continue wearing last winter's tights, the majority of which are sporting holes in the toes? Hmm, tempting as that is, I think the time has come to update this part of my wardrobe.

And so I turn to the award-winning Scottish label Bebaroque for some style inspiration.
A little jazzier than I normally go for but, some would argue, that's exactly what you need during the dreary winter months....sparkle!

And Bebaroque founders Chloe Patience and Mhairi McNicol will give it to you in spades! Just like they've given it to Nicki Minaj, Lady Gaga and Jessie J, to name a few.

Both designers graduated from the Glasgow School of Art before teaming up to create their glitteringly ornate legwear collections. And they continue a trend that you already know I love, as each Bebaroque product is manufactured by hand in Scotland. Luckily for us, we can find them stocked all over the world!


  1. Oh my gosh. Now those are some tights I can get behind!

  2. Tell me about it - thinking they could be great come Christmas party season. x