Tate Modern London - Gift Shop or Department Store?

During my little lunchtime visit to the Tate (yet another perk of working near the Southbank!) I had a quick dash around the gift shop. 

My goodness me, not only is the Tate Modern the most-visited modern art gallery in the world (a fact I just learned via wikipedia) but the gift shop is so large I was beginning to think I'd stumbled into a department store!
Naturally, the Tate stocks the standard prints and artwork one would expect to find in a gallery. 
But I was amazed by the plethora of clothing and accessories on sale!
Potentially, you could pop into the shop in one outfit and walk back out sporting an entirely new look!

Listen up, Hollywood, I've had a brainwave! Just picture it, Daniel Craig as James Bond - sauve, suited and booted - meandering through the gallery at his leisure. Someone catches his eye, someone he doesn't want to be seen by. He loses himself in a crowd of tourists and sneaks into the gift shop, subtley picking up a scarf, a hat, whatever he can get his hands on, to form a disguise and slip back, un-noticed, into the street. 

Anyone else starting to think I may have missed my screen-writer calling?!
Back to the real world - I bought some cute little earrings made of buttons and a giant button ring as a birthday present. Will be presenting them to my friend Emma tonight. They are her down to a tee - she's gonna love 'em!