Sunday Style - Table Linen

During my girlie weekend away in Henley-upon-Thames  I thought I was being pretty smart by bringing along my own spotted tablecloth to help set the scene for our afternoon tea.
Turns out I wasn't the only one thinking ahead. Ever-thoughtful Al brought along a patchwork tablecloth of her own, which worked equally well when used to spruce up the the wooden, occasional table on the boat.
When you think about it, you can't get more simple that a piece of fabric. But such a simple item has the power to make a dramatic difference to your dining experience. There are never-ending options to choose from - plain, patterned, a piercing pop of colour - allowing you to turn a room into anything you like, from the perfect place for a party to a romantic evening for two.

The photos below showcase my favourite table-linen inspirations for a relaxed Sunday gathering with friends. Good food, good wine, good company - it's what Sundays were made for!
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