Sunday Style - Len's Hut

Let's be honest, when it comes to being a commuter in London, the cons massively outweigh the pros. Though the list of pros is tiny, one of my favourite things about being a commuter in the capital is the amount of free literature provided for my reading pleasure. 

I start my morning trip into work with a copy of the Metro newspaper. On Tuesday's I occasionally get my hands on Stylist magazine and every evening I journey back home flicking through my trusty Evening Standard. And I don't have to pay a penny for the privilege!

But best of all, Friday's Evening Standard comes with a glossy magazine supplement. And it was in this publication a few weeks ago that I first set eyes on Len's Hut.
Positioned in the middle of a meadow, this simply beautiful wooden hut has everything you'd find in a city hotel room. Double bed, check. En suite shower-room, check. Fridge and WiFi, check.

Len's Hut also boasts something you won't find anywhere near a city hotel room - glorious, English countryside directly outside the door!

No traffic, no noisy neighbours, no need for a Do Not Disturb sign.
In Len's Hut solitude on a Sunday is guaranteed!        

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  1. that hut is so cool! I lived in London for a bit and reading materials for commuting was definitely a big must. thanks for stopping by my blog!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak