Sunday Style - A Favourite from The Selby

I have long been a fan of The Selby, a website which let's you delve inside the personal space's of all manner of creative folk, including artist's, chefs, authors and designers. 

It really is a window into other people's worlds and the nosy parker in me adores every last glimpse! 

Today I thought I'd post a personal favourite of mine - the home of two interior designers called Lyndsay Caleo-Goldsmith and Fitzhugh Karol. With their line of work it's no surprise to learn that their abode is simply stunning.

Lyndsay and Fitzhugh's place is almost entirely white but, unlike most white spaces, it doesn't feel clinical or minimal. Helping to create a cosy atmosphere are the touches of wood (Fitzhugh is also a woodworker) and the abundance of books, knick-knacks and photos, which lends their home a real sense of personality.

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For me, their place is the perfect spot for curling up on a relaxing Sunday to read the papers. And when its time to take a little afternoon nap, I would have no problem at all climbing up that wooden ladder and settling down for a snooze in the snug!

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