Prop Sale!

Combining work with shopping, that's the dream right?

Well, for me, the dream comes true but once a year when the 60 Minute Makeover prop sale rolls into town. And by town, I mean my place of work.
Once filming finishes on each series of this home-improvement show, all of the unused items go on sale  (with a major discount, I hasten to add!) in aid of charity. And don't we know it!
Every bargain-hunting colleague of mine seemed to be down there, all vying to get their hands on the goodies first.

The shelves were brimming with all manner of homeware items from candles to vases to kettles - no joke, I even spotted a purple turkey baster!

I'm not really sure how those who end up buying the furniture items fare on their way home!?

Testing out the merchandise. 

I vowed to stay away from the cage of cushions - I've got way too many at the moment!
Instead I focused my attention on the fabric bin...

                 ....and walked away with these two beauties - a snip at 50p each! 

On the right is 'Treetops' by Sanderson Home and on the left is a pattern called 'Cirkelblomma' by Swedish company Kinnamark. Now the only decision left is what to make with it ???? Any ideas?

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  1. If the pieces are big enough, I'd be making lampshades! I *love* the Swedish one.