Nikki McWilliams' Sweet Designs - Scottish Designer # 2

Regular as clock-work, this biscuit tin is passed around my office at 1500 every day
Hard to resist when, like me, you have one heck of a sweet tooth. 

So you can imagine how tempting I'm finding Nikki McWilliams' sweet designs! 

Clever girl that she is, Nikki has taken inspiration from some of Britain's best-loved biscuits.
From my personal favourite, the chocolate bourbon.... the classic party-ring and everything in between, Nikki has it covered!

Plus Nikki is proudly flying the flag for bonnie Scotland, as all of her cushions are hand-printed in Dundee. Which means you can purchase her products safe in the knowledge you are buying British.

Brings a whole new meaning to the term 'comfort food'!!