Hilary Grant - Scottish Designer # 4

It's September tomorrow. Can you believe it? 

This past week I have begun to notice the evenings creep towards darkness a tad earlier than I've become accustomed to. The nights will soon be drawing in. Before we know it, there will be a chill in the air. And that chill will have us reaching for our hats. Quickly followed by our scarves and gloves!

And I know whose knitwear I want to be reaching for - Hilary Grant's! 
 These are my kind of designs. There's something very classic about the patterns, a definite Scandinavian influence, as well as a nod to traditional Scottish knitwear.
Hands up if you want a piece from Hilary's upcoming Autumn/Winter 2013 collection?
 Hilary Grant Knitwear and Textiles is based in Orkney - an island off the North Coast of Scotland. I'm fairly familiar with the North of Scotland myself. My grandparents live in Caithness, right at the very tip of the Scottish mainland about 50 miles from Orkney. So I know first-hand just how cold it gets up there in winter (I've spent many a snowy Christmas waiting for Santa Claus up in them there hills!) and you need to Wrap up Warm. With a capital W! 

So I am in no doubt that, when it comes to knitwear, Hilary Grant knows what she's talking about!

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