Free Pattern: Tiny Baby Bunnies

For all you crafty folk out there - this one's for you!
After I played a part in making these...

I was left with a surplus of this....
I found myself at a loss with what to do with all this extra wool. 
Then I happened upon a site called Mochimochi Land , created by the lovely (and very talented!) Anna Hrachovec. Anna is a Brooklyn-based knitter responsible for creating the most ingenious designs. One of which she has  kindly allowed me to share with you - Tiny Baby Bunnies! 
Very tiny, very adorable and very easy to make. In just a few minutes you could be in possession of your own tiny baby bunny!
Anna has used sock yarn in the images shown but says anyone can scale the project up by using thicker yarn and larger needles.

So let's get down to business. Here's all the info you need to get started!

Fingering-weight yarn in 2 colors and black 
Needles: Set of size 1 US (2.25 mm) double-pointed needles
Other materials:
Small tapestry needle
Small amount of stuffing or scrap yarn
CO = cast on

rnd = round

k = knit
st(s) = stitch(es)
kfb = knit into front and back of stitch (increases by 1 stitch)
k2tog = knit 2 stitches together (decreases by 1 stitch)
Note: The finished bunnies are very small and are not suitable for small children.
——– Pattern starts here! ——–
Body (worked back to front)
CO 6 sts onto 3 needles and join in a rnd.
Rnd 1: [kfb] 6 times (12 sts)
Rnd 2: [kfb, k1] 6 times (18 sts)
Rnds 3-8: knit (6 rnds)
Rnd 9: [k2tog, k1] 6 times (12 sts)
Insert a tiny amount of stuffing.
Rnd 10: [k2tog] 6 times
Break yarn and draw tightly through sts with tapestry needle.
With black yarn, embroider eyes with 2 small stitches for each near the end you just closed up.
CO 2 sts onto one needle.
Knit 10 rows of I-cord, then break yarn and draw tightly through sts with tapestry needle.
With end still threaded on tapestry needle, insert the needle under 2 sts at top of head. Pull I-cord halfway through, so that an equal length sticks out from each side.
With contrasting color yarn, embroider tail at CO end of body by making 4-6 horizontal stitches over the same area.
Weave in loose ends.

And it's as simple as that! A huge thank you to Anna for sharing her fabulous free pattern with Soft & Cosy.  I just need to track down some black wool and I'm good to go!