Free Pattern - Citrus Coasters

Felt - don't you just love it!

It's easy to cut, easy to sew, easy to glue. It doesn't fray, it doesn't crease. Felt, my friend, is a crafter's dream.

And I've found an equally dreamy project for you today. Behold Purl Bee's pattern for Citrus Coasters!


  • felt in ecru, green, pink, orange and yellow.
  • embroidery thread


For each coaster cut the felt as follows;
  • 2 large colored circles for the peel and the backing
  • 8 colored segments 
  • 1 ecru circle for the pith
Cut "seeds" out of two or three of the segment pieces by folding the segment piece in half lengthwise and then taking a small snip across the fold to take out a small triangular chunk out of the piece.


Place the pith circle in the center of one of the colored circles. Then arrange the segments on top of the pith circle as shown above.

Pin all of these layers together.
Using thread to match the colored felt and a very small running stitch sew on the segment pieces around their edges.
Sew on all of the segments in this manner and press the piece flat.
Pin the other colored circle to the back of the piece.
Hiding the beginning knot in between the front and back colored circles sew the back on with the matching embroidery thread and a small running stitch all the way around the coaster.
Once you've gotten all the way around tie a small knot on the back piece and then pass the needle through the two layers and pull it out in the middle of the back. Snip the thread at the exit point thus hiding it.
Trim edges to make the front look nice and neat.
Repeat all steps to make 2 coasters from each of the colored felt pieces.

These brightly-coloured citrus segments are the perfect summery subject matter. I have lovely visions of cocktail glasses adorned with slices of lemon resting on these coasters as the sun beats down. It's almost poetic!

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