Cool things I Saw In the Southbank Centre Shop: Part 1

Browsing in the Southbank Centre Shop this week I was a little stunned by these Platanus Pillows for two reasons. 

1. They are so darn realistic.  Like actual logs, transported from a forest. If you like woodlands, you'll love these.

2. They are super squishy. The result of stretchy spandex filled with micro-beads. It's the kind of pillow you know will send you into a state of zen as soon as your head rests on it.

Support pillows are not known for being particularly stylish, it has to be said. So I'm liking this departure from the norm big-time. There's a special place in my heart for all things novelty, as you may already have guessed after my Nikki Williams post. Not sure it will go with my current bedroom decor but it'd be absolutely ideal as a plane pillow when I jet off to Cali!

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