Charity Shopping

Speaking to my Mum on the phone the other day, she mentioned dragging my brother into 'every charity shop along Great Western Road'.  Apparently, my brother then said 'I can see where Maryam gets it from." 

Mum soon put him right - her obsession with popping into charity shop after charity shop is actually inspired by me!! The lure of unearthing a fantastic find from other people's unwanted junk keeps me (and my Mum) coming back for more.
I really like the idea of (a) giving money to charity, while (b) buying something you actually want, and therefore (c) extending the life-cycle of an old product and saving it from the dump. It's a win-win-win situation!
 Obviously my long history of charity shopping means I have some expertise I can share. And my top tip would be ... stock up on winter clothes during the summer months. 

When people are doing clear-outs in July and August they tend to get rid of stuff they haven't worn recently, such as wool coats, leather boots and thick jumpers. Equally, other shoppers are foraging around for summer dresses and sunglasses, leaving you to take your pick of the winter wear.

Just the other week I picked up a brand new (with tags!), Marks and Spencer, bobble hat for £1.49. Clearly, its far too warm to even consider wearing this hat at the moment. So, like a crafty squirrel, I'll store it away for a chilly day. Those squirrels are definitely onto something!

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