Bank Holiday Boris Biking

Here in Britain we don't have the best track record of sunny weather on our public holidays but I'm pleased to say yesterday was a wonderful exception to the rule! And I certainly made the most of it by hiring a Boris bike and cycling around London's famous parks and landmarks.

The Boris bike cycle hire scheme is nick-named after the cartoonish Mayor of London, Boris Johnson. And, like Boris himself, these bicycles are jolly good fun. You can pick them up (and drop them off) at one of the 500-plus docking stations dotted around the city.
We picked up our bikes beside The Mall and cycled down towards Her Majesty's humble abode. You may have heard of it actually. A little place called Buckingham Palace.

Here I am moseying by a very ornate gate beside the palace.
I'm quite surprised the photo below turned out as well as it did, considering the fact I was wobbling all over the shop trying to take it one-handed without knocking over tourists.
And here I am in a car park in Hyde Park. Not very scenic.
Ah, that's more like it! Let me share with you a beautiful tree-lined path, something Hyde Park is more commonly known for.
Them, posing beside Wellington Arch at Hyde Park Corner.
Us, posing beside Westminster Abbey.
All in all, we took in Hyde Park, Green Park and St James' Park, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey. But, sadly, not once did we clap eyes on Wills and Kate bombing around on the tandem Boris bike so famously bequeathed to them as a wedding present from the city of London! 

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