The Sun Has Got His Hat On

Hip hip hip hip hooray!

So It's finally hotting up here in London town.

It's been a loooong time coming - so let's make the most of it and soak up that sunshine!

But we better not get too carried away. Cos that's how you end up with a lobster-coloured face. With a white patch where your sunglasses have been. And a sunburnt scalp which eventually peels, sending flakes of dried skin into your lunch-time salad. (Sincere apologies if you do happen to be eating while reading this!)

As a preventative measure, we should probably look into purchasing a sun-hat. Possibly even hats, plural. Because this isn't just another reason to hit the shops - its a medical necessity. Kind of. 

If I had my way....
    I'd have a reversible Accessorize hat for picnic-ing in the park,
 This fabulous wide-brimmed French Connection number for a spot of posing at a Polo match,
and this simple, stylish, belted hat by Seafolly for brunch.

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