Soft Summer Shoes - Toms

As much as I'm loving this hot weather my feet cannot say the same. 

Flip flops are usually my go-to footwear choice in summer but in this heat they seem to be rubbing me up the wrong way, literally.

So I've been researching some alternatives and have spotted a few well-heeled people wearing Toms

Made of breathable cotton they may just be the perfect solution. Plus, they don't really do 'boring', with plenty of print, pattern and bright colours to choose from.

And, what's more, Toms have a One for One policy which means when you buy a pair of their shoes they donate a pair of shoes to a child in poverty. 

Truly, there has never been a better reason to buy another pair of shoes. And, now that I have two very good reasons indeed, I may be purchasing my first pair of Toms in the not too distant future.

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