Soft and Cosy.....the beginning!

It all began when the wedding ended. From the proposal in March 2012 up til the wedding day in June 2013 I was spear-heading Project Wedding. And it proved to be a very fulfilling project indeed - I was more than happy to while away hours looking at wedding inspiration online and pore over page after page from my mountain of bridal magazines.

But post-wedding I needed a new fix. And I found it on a visit to my friend (and bridesmaid!) L.C.'s new flat. As she gave me the guided tour (while my jaw hung open) I knew I needed to inject a little style into my own place. 

It wasn't that L.C.'s home was super-flashy and grand - it was the little finishing touches and tweaks that made a real impact. 

My focus quickly shifted to my own humble abode. No doubt about it - I was going to make some changes!

And I knew just where to start. Having always been fond of the giant-pile-of-cushions-on-a-bed look I vowed to re-create it in the spare bedroom. 

I instantly struck lucky as I cleared out the bottom of our storage cupboard and uncovered 4 long-forgotten small cushions gifted to me by my Mum during her last house-move. 

There was one small problem though- the cushion covers were not what I would deem stylish. They were made out of the same material she had used to make her sitting room curtains (the less said about this the better!)

After a visit to the neighbourhood charity shops I bagged myself another small cushion and a giant cushion, which would be the jewel in my soft-furnishing crown, so to speak. But, again, the cushion covers were not quite to my liking.

Here's how everything looked .....

A suitably dull 'before' shot, I'm sure you'll agree.

Will be posting the revamped 'after' shot as part of a new post in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!

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