Small Spaces - British Beach Huts

There's been a lot of hoo-hah in the papers this week over a beach hut in Dorset which sold for £180,000. A staggering amount of money for a space which measures 12ft x 18ft (3.6m x 5.5m), has no running water, electricity or toilet!

I guess the buyer just couldn't say no to the thought of owning one of the charming, colourful cabins that crop up along the coastline. 

And who can blame them. Personally, I'm always looking for a spot of shade on a sunny day so a beach hut to call my own would suit me down to the ground. Plus, it's another room to decorate!

Given that most huts are nothing more than wooden cabins, it makes perfect sense to soften the interior with plenty of fabric. The photos below show just how inviting and homely beach huts can become when some patterned cushions and decorative bunting are thrown into the mix.


If it were me who had the task of decorating I'd head straight to Cath Kidston. I think her twee fabric patterns would really make the most of the small space, providing lots of colour and eye-catching detail. I'll keep you posted if I ever do have the honour of styling my own British beach hut (but it is a long shot!)

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