Palm Trees in Inner City London

Now I'm not usually known for checking out young men in the street but this guy caught my eye for two reasons yesterday.

 Firstly, he's wearing Tom's shoes (which I posted about here last week) and secondly, check out his vest!

Just gazing at that photographic print made me feel like I was looking out of my hotel room window on the first day of a beachy holiday. The ocean, the palm trees, the endless expanse of sky - its all such a contrast to inner-city London where this fellow was wandering about.

His vest reminded me of the photorealism swimming trunks by Orlebar Brown that were featured in the Evening Standard a couple of weeks ago. There's no denying that they would certainly make people stop and notice!

While we're on the subject of beach wear,  the Southbank's fabulous urban beach is back for the third year running. And I, for one, absolutely love it!

  Essentially an over-sized sand box, it lets city-dwellers like myself get that wonderful feeling of soft sand beneath their feet. And I take every opportunity I can to do just that!

The sensation of walking on sand never fails to make me smile. As I always say, it's the simple things in life. You've got to stop and smell the roses and you've got to take your shoes off and tread on the sand. 

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