My Wonderful Window Seat

Last year I bought a new cushion online to 'complete' the look of my sofa.

But when it arrived at my flat I could see straight away that it didn't quite work. Faced with the hassle of returning it I hung onto the cushion in the hope I could re-use it somewhere down the line.

Somewhere down the line turned out to be June 2013. 

As part of my post-wedding flurry to improve my flat I re-housed this wooden chest (skillfully made by my great grandfather back in the day) from the spare bedroom into the living room.

Beautiful as the chest was on its own, I couldn't help but feel some soft furnishings would finish it off nicely.

So in stepped the stripy cushion. But he needed some buddies to join him up there.

Welcome to the fold the woollen wonder that is little pinky (as I like to call it!). I found little pinky during the Dulwich Festival which was held across 2 weekends in May showcasing local artists in their homes and studios. The designers responsible for this particular cushion are a collective called Skip Sisters. They rescue objects thrown away in street-side skips and transform them into desirable home-ware items.

Little pinky was created from old woollen blankets which were then hand-dyed and finished off with a shiny, grey button for added detail. 

The final piece of the cushion trio was found through some rummaging of my own. No, not in a skip, but in my favourite of places, a charity shop! At 40p this hessian cover was a pretty good bargain. Stick a cushion pad in, hand sew the edge and - voila - we have created something from not very much at all!

To accompany the cushions I lay a beige blanket (bought for my first year of university 13 years ago – extreme hoarder in the making?) across the top of the chest.  

Now, not only is the chest a focal feature, it also doubles up as a window seat and the perfect place to display my three cushions with a story behind them.

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