My Very Own Recycled, Handmade Doorstop!

Every door in my flat, except the bathroom door, needs a doorstop to hold it open.

That's a lot of doorstops. And fancy doorstops don't come cheap.

Needless to say, my flat doesn't have a lot of fancy doorstops. In fact, for quite a while a bag of rice was used to hold open my bedroom door. Albeit a bag of rice bearing my name!

The kitchen doorstops were an even worse sight to behold (the result of TX Maxx vouchers given to me as a Christmas present). Rather than fork out more money on a replacement, I thought it would make sense to transform an unwanted pair of trousers into a doorstop. The trousers in question were made of a lovely, textured, tweed-like material.

Not being much of a sewer myself, I enlisted the help of my crafty friend, Hannah, who started by chopping one of the legs off. This meant we had a tube of material for the body of our doorstop.

 She then made a circular template out of newspaper and used it to cut a disc of material from the other trouser leg.

 This disc of material was then sewn onto the bottom of the trouser leg 'tube'.
 We recycled the stuffing and sand bags from my old TX Maxx doorstops....
....tied a ribbon near the top of the 'tube' and, voila, a much-more attractive doorstop was born!

I was not at all enamoured with the previous 'little house' doorstops. But I could not be happier with the alternative that Hannah and I have created. It's so pleasing to me that we took some unwanted items (the trousers and the old doorstops) and, rather than throw them away, we found a way to make them useful and attractive. Without a doubt, I will continue to look for ways to re-purpose objects I already own instead of instinctively deciding a new purchase is the solution.

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