My Spare Bedroom - Cushion Update

In my very first post on Soft & Cosy - which you can find here - I shared a 'before' photo of the cushions in my spare bedroom. 
 You'll be pleased to hear (and I'm very pleased to write!) that this monstrosity is no more. 

With the help of ebay, I managed to find a whole host of home-made cushion covers.

As you can see, each cushion has a hint of duck-egg blue which ties in with the curtains and lampshade already in my spare bedroom.

I definitely saved a lot of money by opting to buy new cushion covers for old cushion pads, rather than purchase brand new cushions. So if you are looking for cheap cushions I can thoroughly recommend the ebay shops I used.

Pip Designs created both of the spotted cushion cover designs. The gorgeous dog print cover was courtesy of Cushions4you, while the iconic Dandelion Clocks cover was made by Clerksonm.

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