Insect Inspiration

I'm having a love/hate relationship with insects this summer. As ever, I'm loving the delicate butterflies and the bees buzzing around blooming flowers but I'm hating the moths which find their way into my flat every evening and gather around my lamps. And I'm not too fond of the mosquitoes which like to have a little nibble at me in the park. Or the demented flies which zoom madly in never-ending circles around my living room.

But my feelings are much more favourable when it comes to insects in print. I've always admired Art Nouveau, which takes a lot of inspiration from nature, so perhaps that's why I find everything below so appealing.

No.1 =  Floral Butterfy Tea Towel by Ulster Weavers, £6 

No 2. = Conspiracy of Bees Silk Scarf by Craig Fellows, £44.99


No.3 = Dragonfly cushion by Dwell, £24.95

The tea towel is my particular favourite. There's something about its overly colourful and busy pattern that I really like. Its very different to anything else I've spotted out there at the moment and, what's more, its the kind of little treat that won't break the bank!

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