Feather & Black Super-sized Headboard - I want!

I know they say size isn't everything but, after attending a wedding in the Cotswolds and staying in a hotel room where the headboard was four times the normal size, I have fallen in love with the notion of a super-sized headboard.

Our current bed belongs to my brother-in-law. We snapped it up 18 months ago when faced with having to furnish every room in our new flat. Seemed like a great option at the time but, since then, it has started to creak and groan and my heart yearns for a brand new bed.

Top of my wish-list is the Manhattan by luxury bed company Feather & Black.

 I want to crawl into that bed right now, people! It's cosiness is calling to me. 

Having said that, I would happily crawl into their Regency, Antoinette and Juliette beds too.  What sweet dreams I could have lying in those...sigh.


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